* Thanks. Love your product. I think It snagged me my new wife that I just married In Vegas July 4 a couple weeks ago!


* Great product. And with this type of customer service I will be a customer for a long time.

* I'm very pleased with the results. My previously ginger facial hair now matches the colour of the hair on my head. The tub, I suspect will last me a long time however I will certainly repurchase when needed. Excellent product. Thank you.

* By the way, this is a great product. I recently grew back my beard and had a strong itching and redness reaction to JFM. I was reminded why I shaved it in the first place. I could not tolerate the product and almost shaved it off again. I searched the web and came across your Wolf's Head beard dye product . Remarkable results! Follow the directions, don't over do it and the results are perfect.

* Fantastic! I shaved off my goatee after wearing it twenty years because Justfor Men was too harsh on my skin, I now have my goatee back and I Love this product! I have shared this with many local friends so hope you see more orders soon! Thank You!